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You're a size what?

Let us be clear from the get go. We're industry outsiders. That's why the whole clothing sizing thing never made sense to us and why after years of frustration, we decided to finally do something about it.

Clothing sizing is such a pain in the ass to figure out. Especially when you're shopping online. The size charts are generally math puzzles and the tools that are available are riddled with flawed technical approaches that only aim to serve brands.

We've spent a lot time learning about why people keep the clothing that they love and gravitate towards certain brands over others. Sure some people are suckers for sexy branding and rank fit and size lower in purchase factor, but the people we flock with think you can be both comfortable and stylish. And most people have a pretty solid idea in their head about how they want their clothing to look and fit. It's a part of who we are as humans. We associate with a look, with a fit, with a style. It's our self perception.

It's the reason we look in the mirror when we put something on and have disagreements with loved ones when they buy us some "ugly" (in our own minds) piece of clothing that they thought we'd love or would look great on.

"Just try it on!" - Every Mom, ever.

And it's the reason we think that you, the consumer (and us because we wear clothes too!), should be able to control your own fit and style preferences. Not just control it, but see it, create it, and own it. You should be able to play with a tool that lets you see what you already know in your head to be true. Sleeves to this part of my arm. Shorts to this part of my leg.

This, is how your digital clothing profile is made. And we want you to be able to use it whenever, wherever. Your clothing fit and style preference, available at your fingertips. Created by you. For you. Share it with others. Keep it to yourself. Find the fit you love, so you can wear the style that's you.

We built Stylecard for the people. And we hope you love it.


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