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An API that matches people to your product

As a brand owner, we think you'll agree that two goals of owning one of your pieces is for the consumer to look good AND feel good wearing it. You want all of your customers to achieve those two things. What you've probably learned from your customers, however, is that there is no way to determine either the look or feel of wearing a garment when shopping online before deciding to purchase. Frustrating for all!

Since the early days of online shopping, brands have struggled to develop a solution to the immediate problem online shoppers face: which size to buy? The difficulty in answering this question leads to high return rates, flat-lining shopper confidence and conversion rates, and a sparse costumer base overall. 

API to the rescue!

Stylecard is a solution built to help customers identify and find exactly what fit they want in the style they love. There are a few main components that make up this unique customer experience, but stylecard.bridge is one component that's being made available as a stand-alone API.

We recognize that some brands would prefer to build their own custom solution using an API like stylecard.bridge as a way to further differential brand experience. This API will ingest 3 key data sets (body measurement, product measurement, and fit and style preference data) and automatically match people to product. This is the quick start you'll need to create a user friendly solution that finally let every potential customer shop and buy with confidence.

Solving 3 problems...

#1 - The first problem we solve is the difficulty online shoppers have determining which box of the size chart they are supposed to fit into. Shoppers often have measurements that intersect with different sizes, which immediately makes choosing just one size a guessing game. One result of this problem on the brand is that customers end up buying the wrong size, returning it, and never shopping with

the brand again.

Another result is that customers buy several of the same garment in different sizes and return all the sizes that don't fit after trying them on. Both results impact your brand in lost sales, restocking expenses, and return shipping costs. We simplify the shopper's experience by removing their need to guess at sizes and showing them exactly what they are looking for. 

#2 - The second problem we solve is the challenge of uniqueness in each shopper’s style. For example, we know that not everyone with the same waist measurements wants the exact same size dress, and just because a customer wants a particular size dress for work doesn't mean they want the same size in a different style for date night. When shoppers just don't know how the next style will fit in comparison to the last style, it becomes very hard to convert them into customers, and those sales are lost.

We allow each shopper to choose their own fit preferences, like "flowy", "close but not tight", "fitted", etc., any time they want in order to find what they are looking for in the moment. Without burdening the shopping experience with too many forced choices, we give shoppers the option to fine-tune their needs if they want, otherwise we offer the broader spectrum of sizes that we already have lined up for them.

#3 - The third problem we solve is how to help shoppers who know

exactly how they want a garment to look on them, but who don't want to spend hours sifting through each picture on your site trying to guess if the difference between them and the models will ruin the look. Especially for shoppers whose measurements do not align with the measurements of the models on your site, it is difficult to imagine themselves in the outfit that the model is wearing; a 3/4 sleeve shirt doesn't hit the same place on everyone's arms.

We solve this problem implicitly by being built to ingest 3 critical sets of data: brand garment measurements, your shopper’s measurements, and your shopper’s preferences. Once you have passed in your garment measurements, you can choose to use your own body measurement capture solution or bundle stylecard.bridge with ours. From there, you can develop an intuitive and on-brand feature to capture your shopper’s fit preferences.

Getting started

We will help take of the guesswork out of your customer's shopping experience and help make your store even more accessible and fun for every single customer. You are always encouraged to reach out to one of our integration specialists to guide you through the solution that optimizes your business performance. This is the API of choice for your ecommerce sizing troubles and we can't wait to work with you! Schedule a demo


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