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A world of uncertainty. Covid-19

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

What will the world look like post Covid-19? It's pretty hard to imagine that things will go back to the way they were before the global economy was turned upside down. Virtually every industry has been and will continue to be forced to reinvent itself. We've bared witness to the disruption of retail supply chains, the NFL Draft gone virtual, live-streaming boutique fitness classes, US oil going NEGATIVE, industry conference cancellations, mass layoffs and some of our favorite restaurants completely shifting to curbside pickup.

The question I continue to ask friends and colleagues is how will this global pandemic change CONSUMER behavior. How quickly will people be willing to gather en mass at sporting events, concerts, or in restaurants?

Will the image of the masked nurse, doctor, first responder, loved one, or stranger at the grocery store mentally-scar people into a state of perpetual fear? Or will humanity come together, bonded by the unimaginable experience we've all been thrust into, emerging stronger than ever before?

The answer I find most discussions agreeing on is that there will be three general mindsets. Some people will live in fear of social interaction, some will go back as if nothing ever happened at all, but most people will live somewhere in the cautiously optimistic middle. A look back shows we humans are incredibly resilient, able to come back from some of the worst moments in history, from plagues to wars to famines to economic depressions.

Almost always, we emerge stronger. Stronger, but changed.

New industries will be born, old industries will evolve. New companies will be founded, old companies may not survive. Some will thrive (see Zoom). The strong will buy the weak. Some will amass fortunes. Some will lose fortunes. Industries experiencing disruption due to digital technology and ecommerce will see that disruption accelerate.

In the apparel industry, entire supply chains have gone full-stop. Seasonal fashion shows are cancelled. Retail stores are closed. Over production of product has created a huge supply problem. More here if interested.

The thing that WON'T is that consumer's tastes, trends, and preferences WILL change.

As the world works from home (for those that can) and is forced to shelter-in-place, I'm reminded just how social and identity-driven the clothing and styles that we dress ourselves in really is. Dressing for the job seems unnecessary. Dressing for a party isn't happening. My guess is that most of us are wearing the things we find most comfortable. Our favorites that fit us just the way we love without really giving any thought of styling together an outfit, but still resonates with who we are to ourselves and our loved ones.

Personally, I find myself wearing a much smaller percentage of my wardrobe and cycling through my favorite casual pieces that makes me look like I'm heading off to the grocery store on a Saturday morning.

Our preferences are already changing.

And that's why Stylecard will emerge as an industry innovator. Whether its a global pandemic or simply Spring 2021 a year from now, consumers preferences will change. Preferences not only in HOW we buy clothing (in-store vs. online) but WHAT we buy (brand, size, color, etc.). We think even more people than ever before will turn to ecommerce.

Because of this, it is paramount to understand what size to order the first time around. The industry cannot continue to operate with its huge returns problem, which creates incredible amounts of excess waste in both materials and carbon emissions. Our consumer-first, digital clothing profile aims to do just that.

Help PEOPLE understand WHAT to buy online by empowering them to create visualized examples of the fit and style that they love on them.

We didn't start this company during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are working our butts off to deliver this app later this year as we all start to return to some level of what we are all feeling and needing, normalcy.

To sign-up for the first version of Stylecard app, hit us up on our facebook page here.

Let's change the world together. One step at a time.


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