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5 reasons your Shopify clothing store needs Stylecard

If you're an apparel brand selling clothing online and your ecommerce platform/store front is in Shopify, you probably worry about things like conversion rates, social media marketing, page views, multi-state tax requirements, shipping methods, and returns, just to name a few.

There's obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes but luckily for you, Shopify has an amazing ecosystem of apps and plugins to help make some of these headaches go away. Sometimes entirely, sometimes temporarily, but at least there's relief. The trick is knowing which apps to pick that will make your life easier, your customer's experience better, and your business stronger.

Here are 5 reasons why Stylecard is that trick you need to know if you're selling clothing through Shopify.

1. Increase conversions

Everyone has this problem. Decent (maybe lots) of traffic, and only a tiny percentage actually convert. The real problem is that a large percentage of people shopping online (especially for clothing and shoes) browse product pages without EVER actually intending to buy something. They hit your site to browse, find inspiration, and compare styles for when they get into a store where they can try things on.

But what if you could convert more of them?

We don't think virtual try on is the answer. Stylecard helps increase shopper confidence around size and fit by matching people to product using personalized visualization cues the user gets to play with. Makes it simple, fun, and engaging. More confidence = more likely to buy.

2. Reduces returns related to incorrect fit/size

We know this one hurts. Sales are coming in, but up to 30% of them need to go back. Shopify reports that over 50% of those returns are because of fit/size issues. Some people buy 2-3 sizes to try-on in their home knowing they'll send something back (waste of materials and inflated sales numbers), while others order 1 at a time hoping to get it right.

But, how is anyone really supposed to know where those pair of shorts are going to fall on his/her leg. Better yet, where do they even want them to fall?

Stylecard's approach helps shoppers get their size right the first time. We don't make a recommendation. We show shoppers a percentage match score (to their Stylecard profile) based on the visual cue preferences selected so they can make a more informed selection. Pick the higher percentage match, less-likely to return.

3. Eliminates the need for international size conversions

This one is easy. Stylecard is designed in a way that international sizing differences don't actually matter. How is that you say? Well, because the fundamental approach doesn't rely on previous purchase history.

Stylecard only needs to know your brand's sizing information for the products you'd like to sell more of and issue less returns for. Either the product the shopper purchases is going to fit them they way they want, or it isn't. Stylecard shows just that. Size is irrelevant. It's the start of sizeless shopping.

4. Carbon emission neutralizing partnership

Ecommerce takes energy. From the harvesting of raw materials, to the production of each piece, to the shipping materials, and multi-point delivery chain, each step consumes resources and emits pollution.

Stylecard understands that with a decrease in returns, a small step will be taken to begin to reduce the waste associated with our beloved apparel industry. But, more can be done, more should be done, and more will be done.

For each successful purchases a shopper makes using Stylecard, a tree will be planted to offset the carbon footprint associated with that order. It's a small step but something we're proud to do on behalf of the industry and our partner brands.

5. Increases qualified traffic

When you partner with Stylecard, your brand will automatically be listed in the Stylecard search exchange.

The search exchange (still working on a name for it) will deliver personalized search results to users starting their online clothing shopping journey. If your brand has a product and size that's a great match to the searcher's Stylecard profile, a match score will display and users can link out to that exact product page.

That's a qualified site visitor, that's now more likely to convert, less likely to return, and gets a tree planted for the purchase!

Ready to see a demo? Let's do it.


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