Empower every digital consumer with personalized clothing experiences across all touchpoints.

There's a better way to shop for clothing online. A better way to discover the clothing, styles, and looks that you know you like best. Our mission is to give people the power to showcase these preferences with interactive and visual tools. We'll take care of the rest.

Our Why

We are all different shapes and sizes. Some tall, some small, some wide, some thin, muscle heads and yoga gurus (namaste), and everything in between. And we're all beautiful. The clothing we wear is a reflection of the self-image ideals we live by. So, why in the world does the size of the clothing we wear matter? Trick question, it doesn't!  The only real thing that matters is that you feel your best, most confident, and most positive self when you step into your fits.

We also know that the best person to ask about what size to pick is you! Not the brands! If only we had the right tools to put our own good sense to use when shopping online. The wrong products and approached have infiltrated the market only working to increase conversions for brands, not actually help consumers make great decisions. We're left with over 690 million packages being returned each year in the US! This is not only annoying on your time and wallet but also creates literally tons of waste. We know we can do better. Better by helping people find the styles they want in the fits they love because that will increase global happiness. Better by reducing returns by getting it right the first time so that we can decrease the gross amount of waste created by a lack of understanding. Better for the world by creating a data system that can help push the production of clothing forward into a more personalized, on-demand system ushering in a new era of sustainability.


Big changes start small and take time. We are committed to making people happier, more confident, and more positive. We are committed to being an agent that reduces waste and invests in the environment. We are committed to laying the foundation for the future of the industry. A mobile app today, a browser extension tomorrow, and your personal digital clothing profile for a lifetime of style.

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