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This is your personalized, digital clothing profile

Take it with you where ever you go. It's a mobile app and browser extension duo that makes your online shopping experience totally personalized, easier to navigate, and sharable for gifting. 


The body measurment step

First we guide you through a mini photo session where you will be prompted to take 2 photos of yourself. You can also have a  friend do it with you to help! Front and side poses only in what we call the "T" pose. We automagically learn your body measurements from there.

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Style Slider

The fit/style/look preference selector

Move the slider, watch the sample clothing move up, down, left, right, in, and out. You're adjusting the fitstyle. Adjust the fitstyle to match the look and fit that you love most so we can find the brands, sizes, and styles that will work best for you.


Shop & Share

Personalized search results to shop and share

Whether you're mobile (use the app) or at your desktop (use the browser extension) you'll have access to personalized match score grades for the brands and styles you're looking for. We think it's best that you have the best information to make your own decision. Who are we to judge? Tip: share your profile with people so they can hook it up for those holiday and birthday celebrations!

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