Searching for clothing just got personal.

We filter thousands of styles against a custom fit-style profile to deliver personalized results.

Know the look you're going for but not sure what brand or size to get?

We got you.

3 quick steps

Get it

Follow the simple download process. Then, you've have the option to decide whether you want to start with the desktop or mobile version of Stylecard.

Hop aboard

This will take anywhere from 1-3 minutes to get your profile set up. No long surveys, just a couple quick pictures and you're on your way.

Always on

We're not going to bug you. We'll let you know when your account is set up and send you fun birthday and holiday notes. Keep us downloaded and on standby and think of us as your personal clothing concierge utility. 

2 dynamic search tools

1 personalized digital clothing profile

Start your search with it

Filter out all the brands and styles that won't fit your style the way you like and only browse through the ones that do! 

Save your favorites

Just browsing and not ready to buy? Favorite the styles that catch your eye and come back to it later in your wishlist. 

Share it for gifts!

Birthday or holiday's coming up? Share your Stylecard with friends, family, or anyone that's gearing up for a gift. Now they'll pick out something they know you'll enjoy!

For those who know “It fits just the way I like.”

Let me try!

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